The Gmail API is a RESTful API that can be used to access Gmail mailboxes and send mail. For most web applications (including mobile apps), the Gmail API is the best choice for authorized access to a users Gmail data.


API Paths

Get Drafts (GET) /{userId}/drafts OpenAPI
Delete Draft (DELETE) /{userId}/drafts/{id} OpenAPI
Get Draft (GET) /{userId}/drafts/{id} OpenAPI
Update Draft (PUT) /{userId}/drafts/{id} OpenAPI
Update Draft (POST) /{userId}/drafts OpenAPI
Send Draft (POST) /{userId}/drafts/send OpenAPI
Get History (GET) /{userId}/history OpenAPI
Get Labels (GET) /{userId}/labels OpenAPI
Delete Lbel (DELETE) /{userId}/labels/{id} OpenAPI
Get Label (GET) /{userId}/labels/{id} OpenAPI
Update Label (PATCH) /{userId}/labels/{id} OpenAPI
Update Label (PUT) /{userId}/labels/{id} OpenAPI
Create Label (POST) /{userId}/labels OpenAPI
Delete Messages (POST) /{userId}/messages/batchDelete OpenAPI
Update Label (POST) /{userId}/messages/batchModify OpenAPI
Get Message (GET) /{userId}/messages OpenAPI
Delete Message (DELETE) /{userId}/messages/{id} OpenAPI
Get Message (GET) /{userId}/messages/{id} OpenAPI
Modify message (POST) /{userId}/messages/{id}/modify OpenAPI
Trash Message (POST) /{userId}/messages/{id}/trash OpenAPI
UnTrash Message (POST) /{userId}/messages/{id}/untrash OpenAPI
Import Message (POST) /{userId}/messages/import OpenAPI
Get Attachments (GET) /{userId}/messages/{messageId}/attachments/{id} OpenAPI
Create Message (POST) /{userId}/messages OpenAPI
Send Message (POST) /{userId}/messages/send OpenAPI
Get Profile (GET) /{userId}/profile OpenAPI
Get Auto-Forwarding Settings (GET) /{userId}/settings/autoForwarding OpenAPI
Update Auto-Forwarding Settings (PUT) /{userId}/settings/autoForwarding OpenAPI
Get Message Filters (GET) /{userId}/settings/filters OpenAPI
Delete Message Filter (DELETE) /{userId}/settings/filters/{id} OpenAPI
Get Message Filter (GET) /{userId}/settings/filters/{id} OpenAPI
Create Message Filters (POST) /{userId}/settings/filters OpenAPI
Delete Forward Address (DELETE) /{userId}/settings/forwardingAddresses/{forwardingEmail} OpenAPI
GGetet Forward Address (GET) /{userId}/settings/forwardingAddresses/{forwardingEmail} OpenAPI
Get Forward Addresses (GET) /{userId}/settings/forwardingAddresses OpenAPI
Create Forward Addresse (POST) /{userId}/settings/forwardingAddresses OpenAPI
Gets IMAP Settings (GET) /{userId}/settings/imap OpenAPI
Update IMAP Setting (PUT) /{userId}/settings/imap OpenAPI
Gets POP Settings (GET) /{userId}/settings/pop OpenAPI
Update IMAP Setting (PUT) /{userId}/settings/pop OpenAPI
Send As Alias (GET) /{userId}/settings/sendAs OpenAPI
Create Alias (POST) /{userId}/settings/sendAs OpenAPI
Delete Alias (DELETE) /{userId}/settings/sendAs/{sendAsEmail} OpenAPI
Get Alias (GET) /{userId}/settings/sendAs/{sendAsEmail} OpenAPI
Update Alias (PATCH) /{userId}/settings/sendAs/{sendAsEmail} OpenAPI
Update Alias (PUT) /{userId}/settings/sendAs/{sendAsEmail} OpenAPI
Get S/MIME Configurations (GET) /{userId}/settings/sendAs/{sendAsEmail}/smimeInfo OpenAPI
Delete S/MIME Configurations (DELETE) /{userId}/settings/sendAs/{sendAsEmail}/smimeInfo/{id} OpenAPI
Get S/MIME Configuration (GET) /{userId}/settings/sendAs/{sendAsEmail}/smimeInfo/{id} OpenAPI
Create Default S/MIME Configurations (POST) /{userId}/settings/sendAs/{sendAsEmail}/smimeInfo/{id}/setDefault OpenAPI
Create S/MIME Configurations (POST) /{userId}/settings/sendAs/{sendAsEmail}/smimeInfo OpenAPI
Send Verification Email (POST) /{userId}/settings/sendAs/{sendAsEmail}/verify OpenAPI
Get Vacation Settings (GET) /{userId}/settings/vacation OpenAPI
Update Vacation Settings (PUT) /{userId}/settings/vacation OpenAPI
Stop Push Notifications (POST) /{userId}/stop OpenAPI
Get Threads (GET) /{userId}/threads OpenAPI
Delete Threads (DELETE) /{userId}/threads/{id} OpenAPI
Get Threads (GET) /{userId}/threads/{id} OpenAPI
Modify Thread labels (POST) /{userId}/threads/{id}/modify OpenAPI
Trash Thread (POST) /{userId}/threads/{id}/trash OpenAPI
UnTrash Threat (POST) /{userId}/threads/{id}/untrash OpenAPI
Send Push Notification (POST) /{userId}/watch OpenAPI